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Cell Groups

'Cells' are small groups of people which meet in homes around the parish during the week. We currently have 12 cell groups with a total membership of about 90 people.

A healthy cell group is more than just a meeting, it is a community where the members are known, loved and cared for. Cells are important as our first line in pastoral care, and as the 'building blocks' of our mission and ministry. Cells hold regular social events which are open to newcomers.

Most cells meet weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Some groups meet during the day.

If you are interested in joining a cell group, please contact the Parish Office.

Why 'Cells'?

The word 'cell' is taken from biology. The cells that make up our human bodies are growing and multiplying all the time.  A cell group starts small (about 6 people) and newcomers are always welcome. When the cell gets to 12 - 14 people, the members re-group and multiply to become two new cells.

5 Cell Values - underpinning cell life

Christ at the centre

Every member ministering

Learning and growing

Loving one another

Seeking to multiply

Cell meetings are based on 4 Ws

WELCOME: Usually an ice-breaker question related to the theme - something to get everyone involved and talking from the very beginning.
WORSHIP: This might include singing together, or multi-sensory worship such as reflecting on a work of art, or composing a psalm together, or going on a prayer-walk around the local area.

WORD: Based on the Bible reading from the previous Sunday morning worship. The focus is on application rather than information - searching the scriptures, and letting the scriptures search us.

WITNESS: Reaching out beyond the cell and loving our neighbour. Aiming to make a difference both spiritually and practically.