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1. Who we are - our identity - Anglican, Charismatic, Evangelical

Anglican: As part of the Church of England we have a God-given responsibility to pray for the parish of Huntington, Earswick and New Earswick, to love our neighbours, to extend a welcome to people of all sorts and conditions, and to help them come into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a broad church, here for everyone. Our aim, therefore, is to offer worship in a variety of styles, retaining the best of what has been handed down to us, and embracing what is new, accessible and relevant to this generation. As the local expression of the established church, we are called by God to be a prophetic presence in our community.

Charismatic: We are the body of Christ, not powerless, but empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit for the work to which we are called. Every member of the church, from the youngest to the oldest, is part of the body. We are committed to helping one another discover and exercise the gifts God has given us, encouraging one another in mission and ministry. We seek to co-operate with the Holy Spirit as God forms us, individually and corporately, in the likeness of his Son. We recognize that we are part of the wider church – locally, nationally and globally – and we seek to live and work in unity with our Christian brothers and sisters.

Evangelical: We believe that the way to God is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That relationship begins when we repent of our sins and put our faith in Christ as Saviour, Lord and friend. Prayer is our lifeblood. Our worship, relationships, attitudes, behaviour and lifestyle are founded on the word of God, the Bible. We take our commitment to Christian discipleship seriously. We want to be courageous in making Jesus known to others.


2. Our values - five guiding principles

Christ at the centre - of our life and worship, individually and corporately.

Every member ministering - all involved in loving service, and making use of the gifts God has given us.

Learning and growing - recognizing that we’re ‘works in progress’ with enquiring minds, open hearts, willing hands.

Loving one another - kind, compassionate, forgiving, vulnerable, honest, and willing to get our hands dirty.

Seeking to multiply - serving those who don’t know Christ, and sharing our faith with gentleness and respect.

3. Our purpose

Knowing Jesus and making him known, in our community and beyond.

4. Our vision - discerning the future God sees for us.

Together, as All Saints' and St Andrew’s, we aim to…

…serve Christ as one church, bound together in perfect unity.

…be a church with prayer and listening to God at its heart.

…be a church where we meet God in worship and through his word.

…be a church where cell groups have a central place, complementing our congregational life.

…be a family-friendly church, where people of all ages can worship together, learn together, grow together, serve together, and have fun together.

…be mission-minded.

…be good at inviting, strong on welcome and willing to befriend.

…be a church where people are able to explore the Christian faith and come to know Jesus Christ.

…love our neighbour, locally and globally.

…have a strong ethos of pastoral care.

…follow Jesus' example of compassionate action towards those in need.

...be a church where people are healed through prayer.

…invest in our young members and honour our senior members.

…be growing the next generation of Christian leaders.

…be a church full of cheerful givers

…value creativity.

…run the church in a professional and well-organised way.

…use our buildings and resources strategically for the Kingdom of God.

…work in partnership with other Christians to extend the Kingdom of God.

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